Win $3700

And help us in our mission to end the wage-theft crisis impacting young workers.


Closes on 29 February 2020


2 Tickets

First Prize: $3700

6 Tickets

First Prize: $3700

18 Tickets

First Prize: $3700

How It Works

The Workers Lottery was created to support the union movement's efforts to tackle the wage-theft crisis impacting young workers. Over half of all young workers have their wages stolen by their boss each year, and it's only getting worse. When you play the Workers Lottery, you're supporting our campaign to end wage-theft.

What it supports

The Workers Lottery is our very own lottery and a force for good, with proceeds going towards the Young Workers Centre, which campaigns against the wage-theft crisis.


Buy two tickets for just $10, 6 tickets for $30 or 18 tickets for $90. You can purchase as many tickets as you'd like. Tickets are available for sale up until 11:59 PM on 29 February 2020.

The draw & winning

The draw will occur on 2 March 2020. With only 4000 tickets for sale and 22 fantastic prizes, including a First Prize of $3700, there's never been so many chances to win.

50% supports young workers

A minimum of $0.50c from every dollar in ticket price goes directly to the Young Workers Centre to tackle wage-theft, exploitation and unsafe work.

22 cash prizes

Each lottery has 22 great prizes, and they're all cash prizes. $0.27c from every dollar goes to our prize pool, up to $5000 per lottery.

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"When I bought a ticket, I wanted to help the important work of the Young Workers Centre. I was stunned to find out I'd won the first prize!"
Kathryn, Draw 4 First Prize Winner
Canberra, ACT

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  • A lottery for good
  • 22 great prizes
  • Tackle wage-theft

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a maximum of 4000 tickets to be sold. With 22 prizes to win, there’s a great chance of winning.

No. Tickets purchased are not tax deductible.

The draw for Lottery No. 6 will take place on 2 March 2020. Winners will be advised by phone call and email.

The proceeds of each lottery go towards the Young Workers Centre’s activities and campaigns. This includes education and outreach to young workers, providing direct support and information, and running campaigns to tackle wage-theft.

A minimum of 50% of the ticket price goes directly to the Young Workers Centre. 27% comprises the prize-pool. The remainder goes towards running the lottery (bank fees, transaction fees, hosting, etc).

You can read the “fine print” here.

Our target is to sell 4000 tickets, which means we hope to raise $20,000.

If we do, then the total prize pool is $5,000. 

If we sell fewer than 4000 tickets, it could mean the prize pool is lower. If this happened, the value of the prizes decreases. 

Why support the Workers Lottery?

The Workers Lottery is our very own lottery and is a force for good with proceeds going towards defending workers’ rights, tackling wage-theft and building collective power for young people at work.